StrengthsFinder™ will help you in the recruitment process whether you are a client or a candidate.

Search and Selection

Managing your talent is essential to your future business effectiveness. We search in a way that considers talent and potential that will fit your requirements now and for the future. We help you with your succession planning finding and developing the heirs to your business thrones.

Talented people are hard to find, they are busy working. Through our network, taking to loads to people and presenting opportunities in a unique and engaging way we will find great people for you.

Campaigns can be tailored, confidential or branded. Our search process is collaborative and innovative. We have payment solutions to accommodate your company growth level.

 Using StrengthsFinder™ to select key candidates sets your company apart from the rest giving you a competitive edge. Your ‘recruitment service’ is the first interaction that a candidate has with your company. We understand that and value it as much as you do.

We search in the UK, Europe and have partners through TEAM that provide market expertise worldwide.

The reports are totally unique. The chances of having the same combination of strengths in your Top 5 is 1 in 33 million!

StrengthsFinder™ for Success

GALLUP StrengthsFinder™ is derived from positive Psychology. It focuses on how to help people discover and understand what they do well and live a happier and healthier life. People spend a long time in work so it must be worth knowing what you are good at, where you will fit and how you can perform even better. Happy employees stay in their job longer. Retention has never been more key in today’s workforce. Profitability is a direct consequence, let alone stress!

Contingency Recruitment

We keep a beady eye out for talent. When we consider we have an investment candidate for your company we will bring them to your attention. Selected candidates are StrenghtsFinder assessed and their strengths insights are highlighted to you so that you can make an informed decision about the addition to your team.

This means in real terms that candidates want to go and see you, because we’ve told them about your company. Precious time is used productively in win-win interviews. Timely recruitment based on StrengthsFinder™ ‘fit’ produces faster engagement and competency in role is achieved earlier. This really does affect your bottom line. You harvest the talent.

177 paired scientifically selected questions provide and incredibly accurate insight into someone’s intrinsic abilities.

Life Coaching

If you are:

  • Demoitivated
  • Suffering from Anxiety
  • Unemployed
  • Are a Student aged 14+ and need clarity relating to GCSE/A Level or University choices
  • Are underperforming
  • Need a new challenge
  • Need to try and save a relationship

I provide cost – effective authentic and practical solutions for life’s challenges.

I have had the honour to coach and mentor many people, from seriously injured service men through board leaders of famous companies to demoralised students. Nearly all are still in touch with me. I am so proud of what they have overcome and subsequently achieved.

Read my testimonials.

StrengthsFinder™ together with the coaching will provide you with the vocabulary to understand and articulate who you are and what you need. It will transform your life and in the recruitment process for both parties provides clarity and assists in the decision making process.

At Talent manager we can offer STRENGTHSFINDER solutions for corporates, academic environments and Individuals.

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