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At Talent Manager, through three decades of experience Theresa has developed several behavioural processes that govern the major difficulty areas associated with recruitment. We can identify and manage those ‘nuances’ that become major hindrances that only a seasoned professional consultant would be able to intuitively manage and control.

Sit down with you at your work. We take into account environment and culture. We provide you with a StrengthsFinder™ assessment and the coaching, so we can understand who you are and how you work.

We can also do that for the team and apply the TEAM GRID MODEL to evaluate team strengths. This can highlight ‘business needs’ and be an incredibly powerful decision enhancing tool in the recruitment process.

In case you don’t have a HR or performance tool kit the StrengthsFinder™ Action Planning guide automatically translates into a performance management tool that both parties are familiar with from the start.

We minister resignation scenarios. Supervise on-boarding and embedding new team members.

We nurture the whole relationship.

We help you cultivate your business for best impact.

We provide StrengthsFinder™ assessment to selected candidates and benchmark against a set of desired parameters.

Corporate and academic institutions


Delivers innovative thinking and creativity

Develops leadership skills that are authentic and effective

Facilitates engagement and reduces conflict

Builds a strong leadership team culture

Using Team Grid can highlight performance areas for tapping into talent


Increases collaboration through fresh and authentic vocabulary

Reduces misinformation and errors

Targeted coaching can deliver incredible sales achievements

Enhances engagement internally and with customers


StrengthsFinder™ together with the coaching will provide you with the vocabulary to understand and articulate who you are and what you need. It will transform your life and in the recruitment process for both parties provides clarity and assists in the decision making process.

At Talent manager we can offer STRENGTHSFINDER solutions for corporates, academic environments and Individuals.

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